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Passenger Heated seat in 96 STS


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Any ideas, the driver side is working and the fuses are good, but the passenger side heated seat is out. Any help will be appreciated



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I know that the heated seat "module" (the thing that clicks it on and off) is located just under the front portion of the seat. Some times when I am driving, it will act up, and start clicking on and of randomly. It is audiable enough that people in the car say "whats wrong with your turn signal?" lol

It is a little black rectangular cube, and it has prongs on the one end that actually make it look like a large turn signal flasher.

Reach your hand under there, and maybe swap the drivers side for the passanger side one. If she works after that, Voala! Replace the little bugger and there you go.

I am just speculating on this one, but I guess it is worth a shot.

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Those photos are of a bad N*, I was showing what one looked like that was driven by a granny, or an engine that lacked WOT runs. Did you like the videos.

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