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1996 OEM Front Suspension Replacement?

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I do not want to convert to a passive system on my 1996 SLS if I can help it and am willing to pay more than what the car is worth intrinsically to restore the front suspension/RSS systems to the original condition, but I just don't want to pay the dealership surcharges truth be told.  I have an appointment for their diagnosis and am not completely opposed to having Cadillac do the repairs if the price is right.  Is the dealership the only place to obtain OEM front suspension parts necessary to clear the RS0060/RS0061 DTC once parts are discontinued, even on GMPartsDirect.com?  All I can find online are sets like Arnott that convert to a passive system or Radflo coil-overs that I am unsure work like the OEM or include a front position sensor that is causing a DTC.  If I could find just the sensor alone, I would go through the field manual and perform the LF Position Sensor Input Fault test with a voltometer but even the sensors seem to be discontinued.  Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time.

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Welcome to CaddyInfo.

I went through this on my 1997 Seville. I have the same system. I tried for awhile to get the proper parts but they are long discontinued iirc. At least I had no luck. I went with the system that does not function like the originals (bypasses) If I had a choice I would not have. I do notice a difference in handling compared to the original setup. To give you an idea mine has been bypassed for probably 8 years now. I run Arnotts in the rear and have Monroe struts in the front. My original struts had leaked and were making noise.

I assume you have RPO FE1 Soft ride

22400527 Left front

22400528 Right front

Did the dealer tell you they can get the oem parts?

I believe Compatibility for the 1996 was 1995-1996 only.

My 1997 was 1997 only. Not sure what the difference is. I know the early ones had the plug on top of the strut but all of the E/K I have dealt with in the last 10 years or so have the sensor down by the base of the strut


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Thank you for the reply!  Yes, I do have the FE1 soft-ride RPO code along with 6LR/7LR for the "COMP SEL SUSP".  I'm not sure what the latter codes mean other than to suggest that there is at least some description confirming the front shocks are some sort of active system.  This is not the same as CVRSS I think, is that the sport suspension on the STS?  I have my appointment coming up at the start of the week so I will post the diagnosis or cause of death soon.  

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I am pretty certain that is CVRSS. That system is where your codes are coming from. To learn more do a search on Youtube. There is a very informative video about it

SLS got the FE1 Soft suspension

STS got the FE3?? Sport suspension                                   


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I had this issue on moms 96 way back when.

NO GM/Delco replacement avail.

Codes and SES lites on.

Wouldnt pass NY Inspection because of this.

Was going to go with Arnott replacements and their kill the warning /SES lights module fix.

The car was 5 yo by now so mom went to Caddy dealer and got a new DTS.........

I would go with aftermarket struts and the light/SES bypass kit.

My 93s struts have about had it so I wonder if I am going to have the same problem with replacements.

BTW: my rear shocks and air pump/auto level system still working fine.

93 DeVille-13 Chevy Impala

72 GTO - 77 Triumph Bonneville

84 Z-28

Syracuse NY

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