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I'm having strut issues on my 2019 cadillac xts Lux

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Not familiar with that style mount. I assume you have been changing the upper mount part. 

Different vehicle......but a similar odd quirk. The GM SUVs (traverse, enclave, etc) could suffer from locked struts if the vehicle was jacked up for a day or so. 

The strut would still move if jacked up or let down. But the strut itself was pretty much locked up. Rode like you had a solid suspension. 

The strut itself would appear perfectly normal. Many a vehicle was jacked up for a oil change or tire swap.....only to ride like *smurf* afterwards. 

GM had a bulletin about it......internal debris (light rust) would block the valving......replacing the strut was the only solution. 

Not saying that is your problem......but kind of similar issue. 

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Well yeah.....it looks like something is missing. That's why I mentioned I was not familiar with that mount style. 

Is that a actual picture of your strut? Surely it would be noisy. Have you looked at the other side?

Looks like some type of press fit that failed.....hence the locked strut theory. 

I don't have any GM service info for the 2019. There are some exploded views on Google pictures.  

Anyway......certainly looks like some parts are missing. I attached a couple of pictures of what's listed as a strut for a 2019 XTS. Also a pic of what I think it's suppose to look like. 


Also.....there are a few posts on Google about the struts locking up on the XTS......kinda like the GM SUVs.  







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