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1969 Sedan de Ville Generator Light Illuminates With RPMs

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New User. Help! I'm having an issue with my '69 Sedan de Ville (472 cu in) generator light slowly illuminates anytime I increase the RPMs. I replaced the battery last month (free; under warranty) at AutoZone and had them check my generator/alternator. They said it checked out but I'm still having this issue. Do I need to buy a new alternator (if so, suggestions on what to buy) or do I need to look at wiring/fuses?  I hate to throw money at it but would like to have places to start troubleshooting. Thanks

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Not sure what they did to check your alternator out, but assuming they checked to ensure it is charging properly, then the problem may be that the connection to the circuit to drive the light is faulty?   

Here is my thinking:  If we think the alternator output is dropping as the engine revs (opposite of what one might expect), then we need to check to see if that is true or not.  If it is true, then look for faulty connections, check the alternator output, and check the drive belt is not slipping.  If it is not true, and the output is fine, then we need to think about why the warning light is blinking, and check that circuit.


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So....after tightening the belt, checking wires (with no luck) I took it back to Auto Zone to have them check my alternator with their scan device; turns out my battery was too low (a battery I had just replaced a few weeks earlier). Therefore (correct me if I'm wrong here) my alternator MUST be bad. Looking at rockauto.com for a replacement. Any suggestions on what to get? 

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