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4.6 N* Head torque specs / reassembly pics


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Hi Guys,

Getting ready to reassemble the N* for my 1997 Deville and have some questions:

The Helms manual calls out one set of specs - X ft lbs initial torque with three 60 degree increments, but I've seen different ones from web pages and from the engine shop spec sheet (the shop that reground the exhaust valves and seats). They call out something with three 70 degree turns and (I think) a higher initial torque.

Not sure which procedure is correct in preventing future problems. Anybody got any ideas?

I will be reassembling the engine and taking some photos of the process. If anyone wants me to post some pics, I'll be glad to do it. You've all been very helpful (especially Guru). :)

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I don't know if the 97 had different torque specs than the 94, but the factory manual for the 94 lists the torque procedure for the tem M-11 bolts as follows:

Lube washer and underside of bolt head with engine oil prior to installation.


Ten M11 bolts to 30 Mm + 90 degrees (22 lb. ft. + 90 degrees) Repeat sequence turning an additional 90 degrees. (total of 180 degrees)

Three M-6 bolts to 12 Nm (10 lb. ft.)

Make sure that you follow the recommended cylinder head bolt tightening sequence.

Good Luck,


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Thanks Britt,

The values for the '97 are a bit different per Helms. I guess I'll use them unless someone says there is an improved setting.

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