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2004 Deville Mirrors keep moving around

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Don't know what's going on but when I start the car the mirrors moving all over the place and stop at a different place every time some times pointing up and sometimes down 

one will be life one will be right I have to reset them every time I start the car. I disconnected the battery that did not help any  

This car has Electronic Mirrors as an option on the window sticker.

Going nuts here 



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I believe the mirror positions are 'remembered' as part of the seat position settings.  Perhaps try correctly positioning the side mirrors, then re-saving (re-setting) the seat memory?


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The passenger side mirror will tilt down when the car is put in reverse.......then return to the original position when put back in drive.  Driver assist kind of thing. 

On my 2001 Deville (same car).......the passenger mirror would return......but never to the correct original position. Gets old quick. 

There is a way to turn 'off' this feature. That is what I did. You might need a GM Tech 2 to turn on/off the feature....can't exactly remember. 

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I had to turn off the parallel park feature on my 01 Eldo for the same reason. It never returned to the right position after reversing.

As for the driver side one I suggest setting the mirrors where you want them and set the  memory. If it continues to mess up both mirrors I would say the issue is likely with resistance in the mirror heads


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