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Charging the LYRIQ

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I have been thinking about LYRIQ charging.

The LYRIQ appears to come with a SAE 1772 connector, and a CCS connection, inside the left front fender.  There is still a bit of competition on the topic of which connectors to use with battery-electric vehicles.  US uses one standard (except Tesla, who uses a proprietary connection), Europe, Japan, China each have standards but different from one another.  

Now there are currently 3 rates of charging, 1 would be 120V house current, 2 is a 240 volt dedicated service, and 3 is fast-charging at a high DC current.  Fast charging is injurious to the battery system, so not for every day.

A professional charging station can offer LYRIQ 190KW charging for 76 miles range in 10 min.

For home charging, LYRIQ offers a segment-leading 19.2 kW charging module, which can add up to 52 miles of range per hour of charge.  The 19.2KW will require a high power special home charging setup, with a high amperage breaker.   If LYRIQ can sustain this rate (unclear) then recharge from empty to full 300+ range might take 6 hours.

So the 'normal' charging rate will be at the type 2 charger and ~21 miles of range per hour over 15 hours?

For reference, the ELR had a 30 mile range and took 10-18 hrs to charge on type 1 (120v) charger, and 5 hours on a 240V charging station, so 6 miles of range per hour of charge. 

I suppose my questions are --

Can the LYRIQ sustain regular 19.2KW charging for every night charging?

How much will the 19.2KW charging station be, and how many houses will have the amperage to install one?

How many miles range per hour does the 240V charge give?




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