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whine sound at start


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Put a 1/2" breaker bar on the tensioner lug and release the tension just enough to let the belt slip a little. If the whine goes away it one of the front pullies. Use a piece of rubber hose as a stethescope and listen to the pully bearings (alternator, idler, tensioner and A/C compressor).

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99 sts  When car is cold it has a whine sound when reved it whines louder and after it warms up some it stops  Is it the timing chain, transmission ,I dont know I just dont want to hurt any thing!!  tHANKS GUYS! :blink:

Eliminate the accessories by removing the serpentine belt and starting the car briefly and turn it off. If the noise is gone, you know its an accessory. It could be the alternator, tensioner wheel, idler wheel, AC hub, its unlikely that the steering pump would do this... Rotate each accessory and see if your feel roughness in the bearings.

It could also be that your serp belt is shredded, dried out or damaged, OR your tensioner could be weak..

If the noise is still there at least you eliminated the accessories and we can go further..

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