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1993 60 Specical 4.9L Fuel Filter & Regulator Replacements

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Hi All

This is related to my 1993 Deville 60 Special with 4.9L engine which has about 200,000 miles on it

I will be replacing the sparkplugs & wires, fuel filter & fuel pressure regulator that may have never been replaced before or at least the 20 years I have owned the car

I ordered sparkplugs, wires, new fuel filter, & a fuel pressure regulator and should be here by the end of this week.

Looking for tips for doing the swaps

1. Where is the fuel filter exactly located ?

Any special tools needed to do the swap, and if so what size ?

2. I can barely see the fuel pressure regulator and cannot tell all that will be need to do the swap until I take off the air filter assembly

Any tips to do this smoothly, what size tools are needed, what else will have to be taken off to get to the regulator and be able to get to the one mounting bolt

and fitting for fuel line attached to it ?

Can this be swapped without removing anything else ?

Should the vacuum hose to it be replaced or not if it looks OK ?

Would it be best to first spray a cleaner to the mounting bolt and fitting for fuel line to break them loose first ?

3. Any workaround or easier way to replace the 8 spark plugs and wires, as engine mounted sideways cannot even see 4 of them and fronts do not look easy either?

Thanks for any guidance/experience you have on this




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The fuel filter should be attached to the fuel line near the gas tank.

Although it is possible to change the fuel filter with a screw driver, a quick disconnect tool makes it easier. You can pick one up at pretty much any parts store.





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