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Having some suspension problems


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Hey guys, I noticed that many people have started posting their problems with their suspension and are getting fed up with wierd clunking noises coming from the front end. Well I am now in the same boat and both the front and rear components are acting up. First of all I did search and skim through some interesting posts. The one that really caught my attention was this one. http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=5687

Mike I noticed that your pretty experienced with this and the questions you asked were very related to the symptoms I'm subjected to.

Can the clunk be reproduced going over bumps?

--I now pretty much get a clunk over every bump in the road. It's as if some sort of bushings are totally worn and not absorbing the defects in the road.

Will it clunk sitting still and just turning the wheel?

--Yes. If I move the steering wheel quick enough from side to side I can reproduce the same clunk.

Are the ball joints greased regularly?

--No. I have never greased the ball joints for as long as I have owned the car. I was unaware that they could even be greased but I am definately going to grease them soon.

How is the directional stability of the car on turns, meaning if you are on an exit ramp or on a turn and you hit a bump does the handling act erratic? Does the handling tend to skip and re-adjust its heading?

--When I am exiting or entering any off ramp the whole car will skip to every bump in the road. I however think this is related to the rear suspension since I get a weird clunk coming from the back as well. I am pretty sure I have a leak in one of the lines since every time I have passengers in the rear within 5 minutes of driving the car will be slammed in the back. In order for me to pump it up again I have to turn the ignition off and then put it to the on position to let the compressors pump again. This too is very annoying and started acting up back in december.

If anyone had the same symptoms that I am experiencing now than any help would be greatly appreciated. For the front end clunk I'm almost positive it's the stabalizer bar bushings but I am not 100% on that. For the rear clunk I am totally clueless since it never did clunk back in december when the suspesion started losing air.

Thanks to any replies,


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If you have never greased the ball joints, they may be worn out. Jack up the car and check for play in the wheel assembly by rocking the wheel/tire back and forth grasping it at the 9 and 3 o'clock and 6 and 12 o'clock positions.

As far as the level control system goes, check the lines for splits/leaks. Many times, the lines rub against suspension components and wear through.

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If you havent done front stabilizer bar bushings you deffenately need new ones. My front end noises were limited to clunks over pot hole and SMALL bumps and these inexpensive bushing cured those clunks. Easy to change aswell. Sounds like you have alot of other issues but these bushings need to be done aswell.

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