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On my 97 Deville with the stiff shift lever, I have eliminated everything down to the shift lever itself. Lubricated the guide that was posted in the picture, no help so I am trying to take the steering column apart so I can see what else might be causing my problem. Got the steering wheel off and the air bag out along with something else that is round and goes around the shaft to the steering wheel that was under the steering wheel. It has some wires going to it and  is held in with a snap ring it looks like. Did not try to remove the wires but I think the plug on the back would turn it loose. Now I am stuck. There is a plate behind there that has (it looks like) drilled notches all the way around it. It has what looks like a a small round piece of spring metal at the base that holds it tight. Can't get it off. Can anyone help with the rest of my taking the column apart? Would sure appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.  

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OK, found a you tube video of a guy taking the column apart to fix a problem with his key but it got me past the place where I was stuck. The link to the video is 


The II had little bars on top and bottom like you were printing a capital I and the M may have been lower case. Last number is zero and was written like you would designate a zero in the call letters for a ham radio operator. Couldn't find anything on my key board to show those two like they were in the link.




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What you got......Is a GM Saginaw steering column. There used to be millions of them around. 

It does require some special tools for things like the lock plate, tilt pivot pins etc. 

Word of caution. Getting into a Saginaw column is not for the faint at heart. It is a collection of rather bizarre components (rotating / sliding cams, loose ball bearings and springs etc).  It is sometimes faster, easier and cheaper to just replace the column.  

This guide may help. I'm sure there are some others on Goggle. Search 'GM Saginaw steering column repair'.





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