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Hey there, I'm new here.

Last year I inherited a 1999 Deville with only 23,000 miles on the clock. Although many of its 21 year old features are still working a few of them are not. Case in point my A/C. Now I've tried everything, no ACM codes in diagnostics modes, no clutch click when jumping the relay, and I was going to try the voltage at the clutch but I can't seem to find where the harness plugs into it. It definitely has refrigerant, but I'm about a pound shy since I can't get the clutch to engage to suck the rest of it in.

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What you describe sounds like a clutch issue. No codes, no clutch operation, Jumping relay makes no difference.

There is a short wire on top (I believe) of the compressor. The harness comes from behind the alternator iirc.

Verify ground and 12v to the compressor plug. If both are present you could try tapping on the clutch (sometimes works)

With engine off AC on. Attempt to manually turn clutch. Does it turn?


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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