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I did pull the RAP RLY while on the meter and it made no difference.  Meter stayed at 135 mA.  But my thinking about it covering those other circuits could well be wrong (dangerous assumption).  When looking up what circuits are fed by BODY 2 the way it is literally put is:


I/P = Instrument Panel.

RAP stands for Retained Accessory Power.  Maybe related to RAP BAT?  Either way, neither of them changed the meter reading.  A quick google gives it's description as "Accessory, Time Delay Cut-Off (RAP Power) Relay".

In reality it is a circuit breaker.  2 pins only.  If I had a problem with accessory power staying on when the key is off and the door opens, I would be looking at that circuit.  I have no problems there.  So it looks like I gave you a bad lead.  Sorry about that.

On to your other questions... 

I went out and took the CCM's temp 🙂.  Cold.  Felt it all over.  No hot spots, no faintly warm spots.

While hanging out in the trunk the other night I did remove the ground.  It is on the left side trunk hinge.  Drawing attached.  It is as clean as the day it was put there.  But took it apart and knicked the wire ends with a file.  Three wires.  One is the CCM, one is the ELC compressor and the I think the 3rd is the trunk pull down which I have disabled because it would randomly refuse to pull down the trunk lid.  Disabled it in 2013 by disconnecting the power to the pull down motor.  There was no difference from cleaning the ground but I wasn't surprised as the ELC compressor works fine.

I did unplug the 2 connectors on the CCM.  Actually got the phone in there and took pics of both the connectors and receptacles on the CCM.  I'm serious when I say... like new.  Pins are shiny, sockets are clean.  Was careful taking pics and got them so that you can actually see straight into the connectors and out the holes alongside the wires.  I didn't see any issues there.  I would upload them here but the file size limitation will give me grief.  If you want to see them I should be able to shrink them enough.  I have the resolution cranked up for quality so they are 4 Mb files.  Lots of shrinkage needed to upload.  lol.

FYI - I see from your profile you are in NY.  I am originally from Rochester so I know what corrosion does to a ground, as well as everything else.  I am now in NC (25 years) and how clean the cars are down here still makes me crazy.  No more tightening bolts til they snap off to get them out of the way and things like that, that routinely need to be done in the salt belt.  I had a 67 Thunderbird some years ago that broke an exhaust system hanger above the rear axle on the drivers side pipe.  Slid a 1/2 inch open end on top of the frame member and just unscrewed the bolt holding the hanger to the frame, with my finger tips.  It had been there for 30 some years.  Crazy! 

As always, your help is appreciated.  Thanks.


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