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Codes from Dealer vs Scanner vs On Board DTC

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My check engine light is on and I'm required to get emissions to register the car.  My goal is to just get it to pass emissions.  Do not know what to fix because I'm getting different codes from the dealer, scanner, and on board diagnostic.

I was given the car 2 years ago.  The only work done on the car in the last 2 years has been oil changes, a new battery (right after getting it), and replaced the spark plugs (about 1 year ago). 

Dealer tells me:


C1214 and C1248 requires BPMV and EBCM valve replacements, internal short and reprogram/ Breakdown--- 3.0 BPMV// 1.5 EBCM/ 1.0 Program///  1.5 brake system bleed.  Same as car.

Not sure what the alphabet soup means but, I know it's with the ABS.  Have not noticed any braking problems.  Not emissions related.

P1415 Secondary Air Injection valve 1// Bk 1  - Same as scanner & Car (I assume the same as P0410)

P0741 tcc failure replace torque converter and involved gaskets.  Code does not match scanner nor is in the on board history.

I did notice the car was zippier after getting it back from dealer.  Faster off the line and better acceleration. 


Scanner gets - have not driven car and tested about 4 days after dealer.  Car was running during test.

P0300 misfire  Matches car's history.  Does not match dealer

P0410 Secondary Air Injection Pump Malfunction  Matches Car and Dealer.


On Board DTC - I'm just going to give you both the history and current codes from the on board.  Tested about 3 days after scanner.

ABS 1214, 1248 Both Current - Same as dealer


DDM U1713, B3832 Both History



IPC B1004, B1327, U1301 all history

IPM B0429 C  Does not match Any Other Tests.

IPM B1004 H

IRC U1016 H



PCM P0300 H  Matches Scanner random misfire  Does not match dealer

PCM P0410 C  Matches Scanner   Matches Dealer

PDM U1713, U1714, B3832 all History



RIM B1327, C0658 both History




Disclaimer - I'm in no way a mechanic or have any knowledge of these engines.  But, I do know that something needs to be fixed for me to pass emissions. 

What should be replaced?  How do I go about doing it?

Thank you



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