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97 Deville front caliper removal?

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If its the two circled bolts below, (mine were 3/8" allen heads), your caliper may be stuck because the pads are stuck in a groove. Manually pull the inboard side of the caliper toward you to attempt to collapse the cylinder allowing you more clearance to remove the caliper. Use some elbow grease on it... and you will free it up. However, don't pull the car off the jack with this maneuver and use a safety jack, I don't want to be responsible for you getting hurt... I have utilized a large c-clamp to mash the outside pad past its clips, to collapse the cylinder slightly, if I don't plan to use the pads again..

Don't hang the caliper from the rubber hose, use a wire hanger that you cut and hang the caliper from the coil spring, be sure the hanger is well secured so that the caliper doesn't fall and hit your hand (as happened once to me, it hurts!).. Mike


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