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1964 deVille can't accelerate past 10 MPH!


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Ok, I have a '64 Sedan deVille that I have restored, and I know the complete history on the car, as my grandfather purchased it new!  It went to my father when my grand dad passed away, & my father gave it to me when I graduated from college in 1991 (I think because I had $4,000 tied up in rebuilding the engine, & he didn't want to have to pay for it...). Anyway, I went to take it to work this morning, & after letting her warm up as usual, I backed out of the garage, on to the street, everything seemed normal so far, and shifted into reverse fine, & back into drive (this is the normal TH400, not the Slim Jim tranny), although '64 was the first year for the TH400..  

When I shifted into drive, I only go about 25' before I have to stop for an intersection, so I hadn't gone faster than about 5 MPH yet.  When I pulled away from the stop sign I immediately noticed something was not right.  The engine just shuddered when I went to accelerate, it just would not go over 10 MPH.  I put the trans in neutral, & revved the engine. No problem there. Then car rolled fine, no brakes dragging.  The tranny shifted in & out of Fwd, Park, & Rev no problem, the car just would not go.  I checked transmission fluid, pink, & up to full, as was engine oil.  Nothing seemed amiss!  It drove fine to church last Sunday.

The engine, transmission, & differential, & all U-joints were rebuilt in 1991 when I did close to a frame off restoration. It's not a museum piece,but find me another original family car that's going on 55 years in the same family, & it's my son's car next, when he graduated in 3 years...  I have put maybe 3500 miles on the car since 1991.  But am I looking at a torque converter? That's the only thing I can think the that could cause this symptom. Thanks.


Mike Roberts 

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Welcome to CaddyInfo forum. You have come to a great place.

Few questions.

Does it run fine in park and neutral?

In gear does it engage without having to accelerate? 

When it does not speed up do the RPMs jump or increase higher than normal, or does it bog like it is not getting throttle.

I am wondering if you have a TV cable issue but have to think more about it


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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might want to drop the pan on the trans and check for metal, or check you do not have a blocked filter with clutch material.  

if you give it gas, and the engine revs, but the car does not move, it sounds like the bands are binding up. - in other words it sort of in drive and reverse at the same time.  your reverse servo might be sticking causing the reverse band to stay engaged on the drum.

but first work backwards and double check any other work that was done recently.  

btw, you wrote there are no brakes hanging - so i assume you checked each one, and each wheel is free?

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