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2004 dhs missing

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Went to look at a 2004 dhs for sale for my boy who is looking for a work car.Now we have had a few northstars in the past and I have timeserted a 99 deville and am working on repairing a 99 Eldorado with timeserts now.We also had a 2002 Eldorado that he had driven for a work car .He has a bad hip and he loves the heated seats and also the fuel economy.Unfortunatly  when we started the car it was running very rough and check engine light was on. We retrieved the current codes which are p0135-p0141-p0150-p0155-p0300. Almost all have to do with o2 sensor. My question is dose anyone have a good guess as to what is causing the problem? My guess is a ground wire was left off when they recently changed the starter,what do you think?-Papalac

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If it has the 1 piece 4 coil pack I would highly suspect one of them. 

A scantool will give you the specific cylinder(s) that are missing.

Does it get better as it warms? If no then I suspect coil. If yes, well that can mean cylinder contamination, ie oil or coolant in a cylinder(s).

As for the o2 sensors I would not be too surprised. But sometimes high oil consumption causes problems with o2 sensors. 

The oil clogs the tip of the sensor and causes false readings.

Also depending on how long it has been driven with the miss that may cause cat and or o2 sensor issues


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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