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AO47...code won't clear

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the other day, i got an AO-47 code (very low refridgerant, A/C compressor off)...well last year, i had the A/C compressor and the dryer changed, so i didn't expect to see this...but anyway, i figured that while i'm waiting to get the car to the service station, i would refill it with r-134, something i became accustomed to doing before i changed the compressor...well, for some reason, i cannot get the code to clear so i can get the compressor to turn on and suck up the freon...i can't remember how i used to do it...i got into the codes, went to PCM and said yes to clear codes, and nothing...the system still kicks immediately into ECON and keeps the compressor off...what am i doing wrong...Oh, i know i'm connecting the can of r-134 to the correct place on the dryer, and its wide open, just won't empty out......thanks in advance, bob

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You will still need to clear the code. Disconnect the negative battery cable, get the refrigerant hooked up and burp the air from the line and then reconnect the negative battery cable. Open the valve on the can tap and then start the engine, the system will pull in the refrigerant before the code sets again.

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