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Who makes Cadillac, anyway? GM?

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What happened to Fisher anyway?

After she divorced from Paul Simon... not much...


Easin' down the highway in a new Cadillac,

I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back

ZZTOP, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide


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It's funny you mention this, I live in GM town BIGTIME, they make the cobalts 2 miles away. But GM has gone so wrong as late, I am leaning towards a FORD Custom Van to pull my boat. I ride in Vans all the time as part of the job, (Different ones that Hotels own) And seems like Ford has the best, that holds together. And I Hate Fords and Never owned one NOT even a beater! Plus, I get Discounts on GM as a supplier, but here I go for a Ford.

The style of the Chevy turns me off, plus, over the past 5 years seems they all fall apart from the inside out. Seriously! Although I like Crysler, their Vans seem to go through trans, and rear ends like Candy! Fords? Well, they go through doors in the rear, but thats about it. And I won't be using the rear doors like a Hotel does, so that might not be a problem for me.

But I still Love Caddy! I just got two new fuel rails! SS!


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