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1992 STS Boston Area $400

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Car is Black with the 4.9L 200hp V8 (Non-Northstar)

Paint has held up pretty good.

Interior is crappy with rips in leather; stains/mildew on carpet.

Car was smoked in.

Car is damp.

188,000+ miles.

Motor doesn't burn oil and is pretty peppy.

I'm selling as a Parts Car as it will not pass inspection.

Needs passenger side tie-rod.

Needs struts all around.

Two new Bridgestones on front.

Slow leak on rear back tire.

Newer radiator, alternator, battery.

Rear taillights gather condensation.

Power everything and sunroof.

Cruise doesn't work.

High beam lights stick.

Rear LCD third brakelight is out.

Radio is intermittent.

CD does not work.

Located in Lexington, MA








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Was this car in Westfield, Mass yesterday? I saw an identical Seville yesterday in Westfield Mass at Westfield State College, and would swear it was this car!

Explain CAR IS DAMP for me.

Also, Car was smoked in (why is this important, does it smell of smoke?)

The car needs an interior, is the sunroof leaking is that why the car is damp? Mike

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This car has been parked in Lexington since the beginning of the year.

It has been buried under snow this winter and I didn't feel like shoveling

to sell it.

I started it up Saturday and it was humid in there. I think there is a leak in

the weatherstripping on the passenger side rear door.

The sunroof does not leak.

Well, car hasn't been smoked in since December but just thought I'd

mention it for the chemical sensitive.

Other things I had forgotten were

No heat/ac

Especially a bummer is no front defrost.

The hood won't open either I found at Saturday

and posted a question here today to see if I can get it popped.

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