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My cousin has a 98 ETC and it isn't blowing cold air. There are no low freon codes or any codes for that matter BUT the clutch is always running. It's like it is fused with the compressor. Even turning the whole system off, the clutch and compressor keep running but even though the clutch is "engaged," there seems to be no system operation. I'm guessing it needs a new compressor. Any ideas?



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if the clutch is fused with the compreesor, then yes a new compressor is need as well an a new orfice tube, and complete system flush, an dreplacement as necessary. I did the compressor replacement on my 96 eldorado, it wasnt too hard except for two 3 inch bolts that turned only a 1/4 turn each time! make sure to pull a good vacuum on the system to check for leaks then fill 'er up!

if oyu are going to do it about a 400-500 job, if a shop, then like a 1200+ job

unfortunately :(

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You need to hook up a gage manifold set to the high and low pressure fittings and check the pressures and report back - I can then give you some idea on what the problem is.

If compressor replacement is necessary, it does not automatically mean a whole system flush... I would pull the orifice tube and inspect it for debris. If there is no debris, then I wouldn't flush the system. The Cadillac compressors are not trashy compressors like some of the older Ford compressors.

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