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Need some opinions please.


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Hey guys, well my car went into the shop today to be painted, I'm quite excited.

I have decided to replace the "STS" emblem and the "32V Northstar" with the same ones as the 96.

I also want to place the newest "V8 Northstar" on the both sides of the car, in front of the wheel fender, just behind the turn signal lamps.

I wanted to put it behind the wheel fender, where most emblems are place but there isn't enough room for these badges. What do you guys think?

Should I go through the dealer for the older badges and ebay for the newest ones?

Any feedback is appreciated, I want to hear your 0.02!

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Sounds like a nice little addition.

I have seen a black STS in the area, a 96/97 I believe, which has the 32V Northstar mounted in the same place, forward of the wheel well, on both sides. I think it looks nice.

I find it a "classic American" location to put an engine designation, as that was usually where Detroit put them on the muscle cars.

I would without a doubt go with the newer style badge. I contemplated the same thing when I replaced mine (well, it fell off...long story :( ) I initally thought I would want to keep the car "original", because who am I trying to fool, it is still a 95, and the new N* badge came out in, what 2002? My Dad recomended to just go with the new badge, and once I got it on, boy was he right! He actually "updated" his 2001 DTS to "the new model year" with the same badge too. lol

So with my 'experience', I would promote the newer N* badge.

Actually, jeeze, I can almost hear Johnny Cash singing "Cadillac, one piece at a time" about my car, with all of this 05 wheel and badge business...lol...

food for thought, here is my "updated" badges...


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- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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