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Cooling Problem

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Hi again

Today the coolant flow valve on my 92 4.9L Seville broke. The dealer parts dept was closed so I had to get a regular tee from an autmotive parts store so I could get home.

The thing I noticed though is that the engine still ran hot. I topped up the coolant level so it's not because of that the engine gets hot. Could that "special tee" be the cause or is it strictly to control the coolant gettting to the heater core?

I thought I read something about these flow valves some time ago on this site but can't seem to find it through the search engine.

Thanks for your help


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If you leaked a lot of coolant when it broke it overheated because the cooling system did not stabilize yet. It will take a full heat up, cool down cycle for the system to suck in coolant. The wrong T should only cause poor HEAT..... You should get the correct T, ASAP, be advise that the T has a correct orientation to it as there is a restriction in it for the heating system. If you put the new one in and have bad heat, flip it around. I will have a look in my manual to see if it shows the proper orientation of the T.. Mike

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