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I was riding down the road (minding my own business of course) when the dashboard flashed "Problem with theft System" and then "Car may not start" . However car starts fine. I did have a problem with the key which Scotty helped me with about two weeks ago and it has been fine. Is this message related to the key again or do I have a more serious problem ? Thanks in advance for any info you may provide.

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If your ignition key is OK then the next thing I would check are the wires that connect to the contacts in the ignition lock assembly. They may be starting to fail. When that happens, it effectively disconnects the pellet on the key from the ECM and the security system thinks you have the incorrect ignition key.

The only way to rule that out is to remove the steering wheel, airbag contactor module, and turn signal switch. Once those items are removed, you will be able to see and inspect the small wires that conntct to the ignition lock.

You will need a shop manual, steering wheel puller and lock ring compressor as well as snap ring pliers and other tools.

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