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Eldorado v. Older Thunderbird


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I got into it with an older Thunderbird. I happened to turn in front of him when I made a right-turn on red; apparently he must of thought I cut it too close so he thought he would get back at me. I was doing about 45 and the Thunderbird was behind me when suddenly he came up hard and switched to the right lane to pass me. I let him get about one car length ahead when I floored it. I quickly caught him, which made him quite angry. Actually, I thought he was going to turn off at an upcoming exit to the New Jersey Turnpike so I didn’t think that he was trying to pass me, rather thought he just wanted test the Eldorado. Well, when I approached a traffic light with a yellow and slowed, he punched it and passed on the right-side shoulder. What a sore looser! This hothead reminded me to be careful as there are a lot of nuts out there! Some of them can’t stand to loose and may loose it if they do.

One car that I did find to be a challenge was a newer (2003) Jaguar; don’t know if it was an 8 or 12 cyl. but that thing was fast. I floored it and I was barely able to outpace him. Unfortunately, I don’t have a healthy transmission with the torque converter (P039) problem, otherwise I feel I would have did a lot better. After punching it at about 45 I was able to leave him in the dust. I think I caught him by surprise.

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