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Squeak/Creak 2001 STS


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Hello All,

Cleaning under the hood of my 2001 STS after the upper radiator hose leaked all over the place last week, when I noticed that I hear a newley devolped squeak/creak from the passenger side of the vehicle.

The noise is isolated to the passenger side strut tower/mount and can be duplicated by either bouncing the car of by grabbing a hold of the metal "ring" (strut mount?) that is under is directly under the top bolt of the strut assembly.

I notice that the "mount" does seem to move when I bounce the vehicle, but it also does on the driver's side (without the squeek/creak).

Just hoping someone might be able to advise me as to the potential cost of such a repair?


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The mounts are suppose to move, Just spray down the struts and springs inside the wheel well with wd-40. If that doesn't work, Check the rubber spring cushion at the top of the spring (also in the wheel well) Mine was torn apart and there was metal to metal contact which caused the squeak. Unfortunately you have to have the whole strut removed to get to it.

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