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Rear Power Door Locks

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I locked my doors last evening using the lock button on the rear drivers side. I went out to my car this moring, pushed the key fob twice the rear door locks would not open. I manually unlocked the rear drivers side door and then used my key fob (locking & unlocking the doors). I was able to get the front doors and rear drivers door to work propoerly but, no luck getting the rear passenger to work. I tried the same trick as the rear drivers I was unsuccessful. The doors worked fine previously no trouble at all. I have had my car almost a year the only problems I had was that my battery went south soon after I got the car. The other was new brakes pads I have been trouble free. I love these cars.

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1. Do the interior lock/unlock switches work OK? Or do all the door locks work - except for the rear passenger door?

2. Did anyone fiddle with either of the "child-protection" mechanical over-rides on the rear doors. One or both of these may have had some effect on the "lock logic".

3. Hate to suggest this, but are there any signs of attempted, forced entry on the the passenger rear door? Like scratch marks on the window gasket? If so, the interior arms could have been damaged. :angry:

4. Lock actuators fail. If so, then your problems may be due to a failure causing a ripple effect by one lock actuator and its associated sensor - not agreeing with the others.

5. Consider removing the door panel and looking for loose wire connectors. ;)

As typical with my feeble posts, hope for wiser readers with more experiences. :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Everything seems to be working fine now, after work I unlocked my car and all doors responded normally. TDK thanks for the response and suggestions. I will continue to monitor the situation and I will use the key fob to lock/unlock the doors from now on.

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