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Mailbag 04 DTS electrical

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We have a 2004 Cadillac DeVille DTS we have been having issues with our electrical systems reading on the dash and our blinkers are now not working the only way they work are the side panel blinkers in the front and that's if we move the turn signal manually also we have been having issues with trying to disconnect the plug or wire that connects under the seat of the driver side because where our car has been stuck reading service electrical system we can't change any of the cars functions in the seats or the speedometer so we needed help with that as well as knowing how to disconnect the power switch or cord or plug whichever it is under the seat of the driver side to keep it from moving backwards as you turn the car off or put it in park


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Hmm....scrambled message....

Bit rusty on the Deville.....The seat will move back at key off as a entry / exit convenence option. It can be enabled / disabled using a GM Tech 2 or maybe even thru the cluster to change the setting.

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