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The junkyard had a newer blower motor for 20 bucks so I thought I could do it myself. Turns out the motor will come apart in three peices so I set the fan portion in the hole then pluged the clutch with circuit board in and bolted on the plate and viola done in 30 minutes and for 20 bucks . It's been a few months and still working. It is also much easier to remove the old one in reverse.

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'98 Eldo here and the blower motor quit last Thanksgiving. That Saturday we took it to the dealer where we bought it. They diagnosed it and said if they didn't fix we would be charged $60 plus just for the diagnosis.

Cost to repair was $571 and the extended warrenty we paid the same dealer several thousand dollars for didn't cover any of it.

Found out later that the local L.K.Q. Would have charged about $220 and guarenteed it.

Have since had them change the water pump for $174 and change and that included the new water pump, pellets, and all new antifreeze.

I just cannot believe the prices the dealers charge. :(

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I learned many years ago to stay away from the dealer. They want around 270.00 for the side mirror...yeah right, the junkyard had a perfect one for 5.00. Same as the driving light I think it was about 228.00 and that did not include labor, the yard had one that looked new for 20.00 and took about 10 minutes to install..

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Hate the dealership's prices as well. Just paid $260 for a tail light then found the same one at a junk yard for $100 and the dealership wouldn't take my aftermarket light back. By the way, the junk yard's taillight came with the 2 electrical sockets for free. The dealership's not only came without the sockets but charged me individually; $89 for one socket and $17 for the other. What a rip-off. The reason (they tell me) is because the cost that they sell each part for must add up in the end. Another words, all of the prices per part totalled all together must equal the SRP (suggested retail price) of what the car was sold for initially.

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eBay has some great Tails now and again.

Got rid of my old crusty foggers, and got 4 new-ish looking ones for $40.

Turns out the seller was really a wrecking yard guy in Idaho.

There are deals to be had on eBay.

There is alot of crap, but plenty of gems to be found.

Forget the "Stealer" and some of their outrageous prices.

I found Rockauto.com to have some great Delco prices. :)

With your user name being what it is I'd have to be hard pressed. I, however, do find it entertaining.

The definition of an enthusiast is "a person filled with enthusiasm" or " one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit." Then there is my personal favorite "one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest." I would call the last one fanatic, bordering on unhealthy. I think I'd rather be an enthusiast as opposed to a fanatic.

CADS RULE DUDES! Alright Alright Alright...

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