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Deville v.s. Fleetwood

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Well, I've been out of the Caddy game for a while, but getting ready to get my next. I have it down to 94-99 (96 most likely) Deville, or 94-96 Fleetwood. My biggest issue with the Fleetwood is that I love the body, but hate the interior. It looks like it's 10 years behind the car.

I like the 94-96 Devilles all around, but I already had a 94 Concours, & ususlly try not to get the same thing twice. 97+ models, I like to an extent, but wouldn't hesitate picking one up if I find the right package. 2000+ modles I like, but not enough to pay for one.

So my question is: How does the ride quality & hadling compare between the Deville & a Fleetwood? I've never owned a RWD...

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The biggest thing I think you'd notice about a RWD car, with a frame and rubber body mounts, vs. a unibody FWD car: complete and utter isolation from the road. Even though we're dealing with Cadillacs here, we're also talking about unibody construction, for the FWD Devilles. Even with my Seville, I notice more road feel than I did in, say, our old '92 Crown Victoria. If you're looking for a sporty natured car, then a unibody has a lot of benefits. But I think a traditional body-on-frame car will offer the most in terms of complete isolation from the road. I agree that the interiors of the outgoing Fleetwoods are...dated. I don't even like the Impala SS interiors, and those are probably the most "modern" of the B-bodies. But if you want complete serenity, the Fleetwood platform would get that for ya.

In addition, a '96 Fleetwood will have the LT1 engine, and there's almost a bottomless well of aftermarket support for that engine!

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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I have a RWD Fleetwood and a FWD Seville. The ride of the Fleetwood is second to no other car on the road. When my family and I go on a trip, I can pack ALL of our luggage, etc. in the trunk and the car still has ample power for passing etc. on a two-lane road. The long wheelbase makes the car ride so well that you can lose total perception of speed. Many times, I have had passengers think I was travelling at a much lower rate of speed....

The one thing the Fleetwood does not have that I wish it did is the fuel data/trip computer panel. Apparently, the marketing people at GM figured that it was not necessary....The last time it was offered was on the 1985 Fleetwood Brougham.

The '94-'96 Fleetwood had the LT1 engine and those cars will really move....I raced my Dad's '94 Fleetwood against my '96 Seville and while the Seville would beat the Fleetwood by a slim margin, the Fleetwood would gile the Seville a run for its money....

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
'04 Deville
2013 Silverado Z71

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Like KHE, I also have a Seville and a Fleetwood (96 & 95) and add dittos to his post. The Fleetwood has a lousy vent system, with almost no control of vent location.

Good part of the FW is the availability of tons of reasonably priced upgrade parts, from suspension to engine, due to the fact it's basically an Impala SS in a tuxedo. This also means you can feel right at home on any of the Impala SS websites, which are very, very informative. If only it looked as good as the Seville....oh well, that's why you need one of each!


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Guess I'll just have to go and find one to testdrive. I live in Oregon & Caddy supply is limited here. I've seen some Fleetwoods with white interior, and they don't look half bad... I don't know. Last Caddy I bought was a Concours, and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I was just sick of looking because I couldn't find anything else locally. Don't want to do that again.

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