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trac and abs lights on


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I have had a few cases recently where the traction control light and the abs light come on at the same time. No codes set at all. I had a feeling that the automatic car wash was wrecking havoc on the wheel sensors, so I quit using the automatic car wash. That seemed to cure the problem for a while. It was very wet out tonight, and the lights came on once again. I am wondering if anybody knows of a direct relation between wet conditions and potential wheel sensor problems. For history I offer this. I am the only one to touch the car. I did all the brake work myself, so nothing is disconnected, pinched or the like. The calipers have never been serviced or sensors disconnected. The wheel hubs appear to be fine, make no noise, I see no particles of metal, and the ride height looks normal. Tire wear is even on both fronts. No noise or clicking under load or turning except the bushing noise, and the shafts seem fine, and I see no leaks. The only known suspension need is stabilizer bushings. I wil not have a chance to do a preliminary inspection for 4 days. I was wondering if the forum could provide some experienced history to give me points to ponder in the interim. It would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I was having the same problem as you are, see these threads



My problem was a worn out ignition switch assembly ($56.75 shipped from GMpartsdirect.com). Try hitting right above the ignition when the lights are on (or wiggling the key) and see if the lights go off.

What model and year is your car?


1999 STS 65k

1995 STS 127k

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I had that happen 2 times. Once when I pulled the ABS fuse and another time the clip from the wire running to the rear right ABS sensor wasn't seated all the way.

Can't remember if both situations threw any codes because I knew immediately what the cause was.

Hahaa..... now you know I just had to post. :lol::lol::lol:

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I was having a similar problem when I first installed my subs and amp. Turns out I had tied into the same ground as the computer for the ABS was on....

Could be a weird ground problem somewhere.

You haven't added any electronic devices recently have you?

-dave B)

P.S. Don't forget to check your battery cables!

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