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Taking a leave of absence

STS Scott

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I wish everyone a safe and fun March break.

The family and I are goin' out west to bask in the sun, SoCal style for the week!

Off we go! (where's my Beach Boys CD? lol)

Oh, P.S.

Keep an eye on the STS for me while I'm gone!


" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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Hey I'm going to Vegas and San Diego on the 17th until the 28th! I've never been past kentucky, although up and down the east coast so I'm curious to see what it is like all the way over there.

Have fun...I know I will.


Christopher Petro

94 sts

67 coupe de Ville

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Relax and Enjoy

Early on sailors navigated by the stars at night and the North star became the symbol for finding ones way home. Once you know where the Northstar is you can point your ship in the right direction to get home. So the star became a symbol for finding ones way home or more symbolically even finding ones path in life.

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Enjoy. We will be here when you come back to cheer you up. The first couple of day after the vacation are the toughest. I just came back from Turks & Caicos and still do not believe how could I leave that paradise for this crazy winter.

1960 Sedan De Ville (sold)

1970 Coupe De Ville (sold)

1987 Mazda RX-7 (sold)

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