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Alarm going off on it's own 97 eldorado

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Hopped in to try and get to work this morning and suddenly the alarm I didn't know this car had started blaring the horn and shut the car off. Tried everything to stop it, ended up disconnecting the battery and when I tried reconnecting it the alarm was still going off. I don't have a factory key fob, only an aftermarket one, which has no alarm button so I'm very confused. Checked all 3 fuses boxes and can't find a fuse for the horn. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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Hello. Welcome to CaddyInfo forum

if it is a aftermarket system then all bets are off.

It is very likely it is the aftermarket alarm/start unit that is the issue. If you can find the main unit I would unplug it and see what happens.

Usually mounted below the steering column.

here is how you know if you have the factory car alarm. Simply open the driver door and look at the cluster.

A flashing security light means you have it, no light means you dont.

When you lock the doors with the power locks it will go from flashing to solid.

I believe the factory alarm will shut off once the key is recognized(turned on)


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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