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Loving my new tires!


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I took a chance on Goodyear and put a set of the new ComforTreds on the Eldo. These are really nice riding tires - much smoother than the H rated Energy MXV4 Plus's that were on it. I don't know if it was just that the Energy's were getting old, or if it was from the taut touring suspension, but I could feel every crack in the road. Its much better now. Smooth, and you can definitely tell the insulating effect these tires have. Its the nice Cadillac ride that I'd been hoping for when I bought this car.

The handling is still very good also. I had some concern that these tires might be a little mushy for this car but for the kind of driving I do they are great. Considering the design of the car - low center of gravity, wide track, touring suspension, wide lower profile tires on 16 inch wheels, I figured that a little softer tire wouldn't hurt a thing. And to me, it hasn't. The handling is still superb.

The price was very good also. $30 off of list per tire at the local Goodyear store.

If you're looking for a nice riding set of tires at a good price, these are definitely worth looking into.

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