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P0741 & P1860

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A friend of mine, has a buddy, who owns a used car lot. He came across a 2002 Deville, with 89,000 miles. The car is in incredible shape, but has some minor issues. I ran the codes for him, and there were 7 listed. Four of the codes were history, and three current. The two that bother me, are the P0741, and the P1860, which are current codes. Is this the sensor in the trans, that needs the trans to be removed, to replace it? Do all of the modules, and sensors in our Caddy's, have fuses for them? Is it possible that a fuse blew, causing these codes to appear? Thanks for any help that can be given. The seller is asking $8,500 for the car, and I think that is terrific. But, if these codes add up to, several hundred, or thousand dollars to repair, it may not be too good. I drove the car, and it seems to be perfectly fine. The trans shifts smoothly.


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