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' 95 Deville ride control

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First, Are you certain the message is based on some failure of the rear air shocks? A ride sensor might be at fault instead. You might want to post codes here for verification. Note, I did not get any codes with only worn struts in the front.

Next, does your 95 Deville have "active suspension". It probably does based on the message you received. But do verify - because there is a whole lot of money involved here. By "active suspension" I mean that the struts/shocks adjust an internal valve to control the response.

The rear air shocks are no big deal by comparison (the air leveling is not the "active" feature).

There are a number of choices available if you are OK with installing "passive" front struts or rear shocks. "Passive" meaning there are no internal valves and the control/feedback wires are fooled by a in-line electronics (so no error messages).

Search this site (30-days and older) or Google on "Arnott" or "Boston Suspension". I believe these struts and shocks are probably standard Monroe or Gabriel parts that have been painted and modified slightly to fit a given Caddy year and model (and the electronic shunt thrown in for good measure). I have yet to view a negative post on these passive replacements and the cost difference is very substantial! The original front active struts for my 94 Deville Concours were around $900 for just the parts.

There are also some posts on this site about GM's own passive struts/shocks (which are even lower cost). A potential problem with the non-GM or non-original parts is that the dealer might not order or install them since they are not original equipment. However, the dealer I use could not care less about GM-Policy and installed the "Boston Suspension" front struts with no problems.

Good luck. :)

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Thanx for the feedback... I've seen the Arnott product website but when I spoke w/ them they could supply no definate info regarding the "shunt" to bypass or (perhaps more accurately) fool the controller. Do you know of a source for such a harness or procedure? I would not like to replace struts and still have the SERVICE RIDE CONTROL message appear. If at all possible, I would like to maintain the suspension system in it's original design and function; or at least as close as practicable; but if that is not to be... so be it... I'll search more, and farther back... again Thanx for the direction and Ill get more specifics.

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look at maydogs post in our help section i believe you can by pass the error message wit 50watt resistors

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