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Hoat coolant vs. Dexcool


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I recently learned about a new type of coolant called HOAT.  I tried to research it a little, but got lost.  I was wondering if this compares to Dexcool?  I was trying to figure out if Dexcool might transition over to this new coolant / if it were backward compatible / if anyone transitioned to it.  I myself believe in only following the manufactures recommendation.

for example, i upgraded my 1996 Cadillac, and my 2002 Chevy to Dexron vi (GM logo on the bottle) per GM recommendation

for my 2014 ATS 2.0t now that my dealership oil changes are over, i have been using mobile1  dexos1 generation2 oil (it has the GM logo on the box) there is a long video on youtube that goes into why gen2 is so important for a specific gm engine, but will not disclose which one. I only suspect it is for the  4 cyl turbo and so i was sure to upgrade.

i am still hanging in there with my 1996 And it's original head gaskets.  Today being nice weather in the Northeast USA, i am thinking about taking my garage queen out for an oil change (my son will do it with me).  Has not been driven since November, and has a trickle charger on it.



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Dexcool is OAT (organic acid technology) and shouldn't be mixed with HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology).  Here's a link that is pretty straight forward.  https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/antifreeze-colors-like-a-rainbow/


'19 CT6, '04 Bravada........but still lusting for that '69 Z-28

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