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Autobody paint supplies question

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I need some help on supplies for my beater car.  

What is the name of the caulking GM uses in the trunk to seal up body panels? I think it is a caulk and adhesive? 

Where is the best place online? to buy a quart of GM colormatched paint (if i give the paint code) 

I also need primer as i need to paint replacement rocker panels - I am looking for the paint and primer to have a hardener added into the paint gun that will give good protection. I learned that that duplicolor paintcan stuff washes right off the car, and provides no protection against rust.

my project will involve caulking the underside where the new rocker is installed, primeing, then painting the rocker.

if someone can recommend a site that will ship all the paint and list the solvents needed, it will be appreciated

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