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Air Compressor won't come on after new install?

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On my '98 Deville I replaced air compressor.  I tried to reset codes and  when I got to "ACM"....it said "Clear Codes".  I pressed Fan Up and it jumps to "ACM?" .   I tried disconnecting the battery for 10 min...no luck.  When I start car it says "Service A/C Sytem".  I have freon in system as the compressor was jumped to charge it up.  I can't get the compressor to come on  at all.  Not certain what I face in charges when I have to take it to dealership..   I may have to drive it hot unless someone has an idea.  Thanx in advance for any advice!

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Ok so cycle down through the modules until the ACM displays

Once ACM shows push temp up

push temp down until clear codes comes up.

push temp up. 

This is off the top of my head. I may try it on one of mine just to be sure. So you are saying when you hit temp up at clear codes it kicks back out to the menu that displays the modules?

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This can also be done with a decent scantool. (Not a code reader)

You can have the temps we have in NY. Then you would not need AC for a few more months lol


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Thanx for the reply.  It was 86 degrees out here in West Tex Desert yesterday.  You are correct all around.  When I hit "fan up" to clear codes it just jumps back to: "ACM ?"    When it was running through the codes it did say 1520 Current, B1327, and B1314.  When I tried to clear these codes it just jumps to ACM?  Sometimes NY sounds great!

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