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What is the thickness of the compressed state of standard headgaskets on N*'s?

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What is the standard compressed thickness of the northstar's headgaskets?

Cometic makes a variety of headgasket thickness's, and markets them as the COMPRESSED thickness.

They range from 0.041'' to 0.120'', and the thinnest gaskets are starting at about $123 each side.

Does anyone on here know the standard thickness at compressed stage?

I will be going thinner, but do not want to make a massive change that would require modifying the cam sprockets to stay in proper mechanical timing.

Thanks in advance

-Matt (98 Seville SLS)

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Not sure who "Cometic" is.....sounds like racing stuff. I do see them on Google when one searches for Northstar gaskets. 

For the amount of work involved I would stick with a name brand like Felpro etc. The thinner side is what a standard replacement would be.. maybe in the .04 - .06 range. Not sure why anyone would put a gasket in that was a 1/10 of a inch thick....unless the block has been machined etc or adding a turbo... 

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