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Hi, so i wake up one random morning and my 2010 cts is completely dead.  The message on the display says "battery volts low".  i get my battery recharged fully at Canadian tire and reinstall.  Car starts perfectly with no issues.  I let it run for half hour then drive it around the city.  All is still fine.  no voltage drops when i drive around.  volts drop from about 14.5 to around 12 when idling while parked.  i think this is normal.  however.  the next morning i go to start it and it is completely dead again.  this time its so dead my display is non-functional, my key fob cant lock or unlock the doors, and have absolutely zero power to anything.  I assume there is some sort of parasitic drain since the battery died overnight from a 100% full charge.   Maybe an alternator problem.  i really have no idea whats causing the power loss overnight.   any insights??  im not overly familiar with running my own parasitic drain tests.  

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I would not rule out a bad battery; seems it may be losing a cell (or an internal open).  Takes a charge, works when engaged, then drops out when idle.  I have seen this myself with an almost new (4 month old) motorcycle battery and have seen similar symptoms listed on other car forums.


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