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94 deville camshaft position sensor location

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On the Northstar the camshaft position sensor is on the passenger side end of the rear cylinder head. No where near the oil filter housing. See attached pic. 

Do you really mean crankshaft sensors? There are 2 on front of engine....kinda near the oil filter housing. 

You do have the Northstar and not the 4.9L engine right? 



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If it is the crank sensor it is possible to replace without removing the oil filter mount.

It is much easier though if you remove it. Not bad at all to remove either.

I say it is not a bad idea to remove the mount as it is good to replace the seals on it. They can dry out over time. And I believe they are cheap.

If there is oil in the plug make sure you clean it out good. Likely there will be. That is a common failure of them

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