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Need to replace Pads and rotors as brake light came on, car is new to me and mechanic doing safety inspection said I would need them soon (fronts). I am guessing that since the light came on there is a sensor on them? I have been looking online at pads and rotors(also full kits) and none come with or show sensor wires. don't want to find out after its apart. Also I see a lot of slotted rotors out there, I don't do a lot of stop & go or hard driving, I am assuming the slots are for heat dissipation? and figured the more surface area the better. Thoughts?

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Yes the slots are for heat and  dissipation; they help vector gases and dust away from the brake face.  They have the most impact on repeated hard stops.   I would lean toward shopping a specific set of pads and rotors for your vehicle.  Normal used to be resurface the rotors instead of replace, but with cheaper replacements replacing has become the norm.


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