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Hi guys, as Cadillac enthusiasts, I hope you enjoy seeing my project, which unfortunately due to health I must offer for sale. It is a custom built sports car weighing around 2000 lbs driven by a mid engine 300 hp northstar powertrain. I tried to post pics but was unsuccessful(perhaps they are too large). As I try to resolve the pic issue, if you would like to see it just email me at and I'll send some. I think all Cadillac enthusiasts will appreciate what I have done.

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A little history on my project: After owning and loving a NorthStar Fiero, I decided to build something even wilder. This is the result, basically 1000 lb lighter than the NorthStar Fiero (and 2000 lbs lighter than the donor STS). Without the NorthStar it would probably be called a hot rod, but with the NorthStar it is an exotic.

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