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I've many no-start posts, mine is similar but different.

Intermittent no start. Push start button and dash goes black, comes back after a couple minutes.  This has been ongoing for a year.

1) New Battery

2)New Starter

3) Replaced push button

4) It doesn't appear to be the neutral safety switch (put in neutral, wiggled around, etc)

5) Replaced Hi amperage wire to started

It happens if the car is warm or cold. If you let it sit for an hour, it will start. If you put power to the purple wire, the starter turns over.

Help.  If I can't fix it, I'm going to sell it, I can't have this.

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My sts did this for a while when I disconnected my battery for a day. the computer loses its memory and you need to do a relearn by driving it at least 100 miles so the ecu, Tcm, and all other modules start to communicate. When you press the start button let it go blank and when the lights go back on go to your starter relay and jump the two terminals that crank the car and it should crank right up.

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