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Guest Lee DaVito

I own a 2002 Cadillac Eldorado ESC.  The problem I have is with the air cond.heater unit.  

When you set it to heat, it blows warm thru the dash and floor vent, on drivers side; regardless of how high the temp. control is set.  The passenger side blows cold, upper and lower levels.  In air cond. mode; driver side blows cold, while the  passengers side blows pretty warm.  I had the battery replaced recently...and being disconnected didn't change anything. 

Recently I was coming home from shopping and the heater was working perfectly on both sides...upper and lower levels.  I noticed the "passenger control switch" on the dash, was set at max. cold.   I adjusted it to max heat....and that reverted the passenger side back to cold.  I tried turning it on and off, but no change.  I haven't been able to get it to repeat the proper heat.  This convinces me it may be a switch issue and not the actuators.  In the summer, when I engaged the air cond., it blew cold on driver side, hot on passenger.  I also attempted to remove that actuator door in the glove compartment, and it wouldn't come off.

The dealership wants 10 hours labor fee plus cost of new actuators.   I just dont think that's the problem.  

One thing I have had problems with....a grounding issue with the sound system....Sometimes, it wont power up; but most of the time it does.  The interior lights come on when you first open door,mfter car has sat awhile.   If you exit car while it is either running or off, the lights wont come on.  The dealer had no idea what is causing this.

If I could find a competent mechanic, who is knowledgeable about this central air system; I would gladly engage them to fix it.

Other than that, the car performs as it should.

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