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Mailbag: stop engine low oil pressure

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Well for starters check your oil level. Is the engine noisy? You might just have an oil pressure switch saturated with oil internally. (common problem.)

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I second the oil pressure switch.

If that does not resolve it change the oil and filter. Sometimes the filter can cause the issue also


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To give context, that message means that Cadillac has no oil flow and the engine will be damaged unless you turn it off immediately.  This can be because you are out of oil, or because the oil pump is not working properly, or because the oil is not flowing properly (rare), or because as @barczy01 refers to, sometime the message is 'wrong' -- it thinks there is no oil pressure when there actually is oil pressure and the sensor needs replacement.  

So first, turn off the engine.  Then start to diagnose if there is oil in the engine, and if the oil is flowing properly, which is part of @rockfangd additional advice -- to change the oil -- may help.


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