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My 93 Seville Aarm System


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Thanks again fellows for the info on programming my factory alarm on my 93 4.9L Seville. Mike I tryed the directions you put in your post to me. I had no responce on the Driver Information Center from the directions though. When I got them at work today I ran right out to test them. I was hoping to see some kind of responce on the information center just to make sure the computer would respond. I wonder if my cars computer is set up to read out information to me. I will have to try and find some sort of test info to see if it is working. I would like to get a hold of some diognaustic codes just to look over the system.( something I can understand any way) On another note; I learned a lesson today in fuel. I got the car to idle good after following all the ideas from here. I have also been putting in Mobil High Test ($2.02 a Gal.) The 4.9 Loves it and runs like a raped ape, but today I used an off brand of Hi test for convience and with in 3 miles it began to run ruff and buck . I new I could stuff in another 4 gal so I drove out to the Mobil( out of my way) and toped off. It is showing signs of clearing up again. BAD ME! Now I know better. I would love to show you all my car. What file format (jpg-jpeg-bmp-gif) and exact size is needed for this system to except it?? I have tryed in the past but keep being rejected. Thanks------------------------------------------- Matt/ North NJ.

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