98 cadillac deville interrior panel lights not coming on with headlights on

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When I get in my car in the evening I pull the switch for the headlights and all I get for int lights is the gauge cluster and radio display light. I don't get window button lights door lock lights any a/c lights or any other button lights. I've checked fuses one by one and found nothing. Can anyone please point me in any direction that may help. Thank u

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Welcome to CaddyInfo.

First off what happens when you dont pull the headlight switch?

I ask this because everything is automatic so long as you have the twilight sentinel set to anything but off.

Do your domelamps work properly?

And your parking lights?

I am trying to narrow to see if the sunload sensor could be faulty. It is located up on the dash in the defroster vent (just forward of the speaker grill) The left one IIRC. Will get more into it depending on your response.

There are 2 fuses related to the interior lamps.

comfort fuse. 10amp. Located in panel at left rear fuse panel in trunk. It is located directly behind the back seat.

interior lamps fuse. located in the underhood electrical center also a 10 amp.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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