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Front hub bearing shot


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Well… I had the front end up in the air last weekend replacing the stabilizer bar bushings. Almost out of habit, I grabbed the right front tire top and bottom, and give a wiggle to check the ball joint… much to my surprise, it moved about ½ an inch at the tread! I tried the left, and while there was a little play, it wasn’t near as bad. OK… not a big deal… I can do this job… I’ve replaced a hub bearing before…

(Hum… maybe bbobynski’s prescription of liberal WOTs has taken its toll! LOL!! Of course, he keeps a car for six months at most… ;-)

When I check my ’94 factory service manual, they list both a J28733 Front Hub Spindle Remover and a J34657-A Hub Seal Installer… but, the steps don’t list anything about a hub seal (this is on page 3C-8). And the pictures don’t show a hub seal… is there one? When I did this job on my ’87 Bonneville, I do remember that there was a large seal pressed into the back of the knuckle that sealed against the drive axle. I think the service manual recommended replacing when replacing the bearing…

Does the ’94 Seville have a seal? Should it automatically be replaced? Seems like I used a pulley puller to push the drive axle out of the hub splines… the shop manual says the splines are spiraled—does this make the job more difficult? Oh, and get this—the ’94 manual says your should re-install the brake caliper with NEW caliper mounting bolts—why? Is this really necessary?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions or tips! -Rick94

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I've replaced both my front hub/bearings.

They come as an assembled unit.


The only difficult part of the job is if the axle spline is stuck in the old hub.

I think the J28733 Front Hub Spindle Remover is a tool to aid in the removal.

However, most of the time they are not stuck to tight. A mild approach is a big hammer and a block of wood. Give the axle a few taps and it usually pushes back.

If it is really stuck, you can try an air chisel (with the pointed bit) and give the axle a burst in the dimple on the end of the axle.

If that doesn't work, then a tool may need to be rented.


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First off I'd like to say this is a great forum for caddy owners.

I'm the owner of a 2000 Escalade and 1994 Seville with 180,000 miles and it seems everything has gone wrong at the same time :angry: . This car was making noises from the front to the end. Just dumped about 2K into it and now it runs smoooth.

Just had both front end hub & bearing assemblies replaced (1 unit) due to a grinding noise and vibration in the front (Auto Zone $160 each with 3 year warrenty). Everthing comes as one assembly. Paid $75 in labor and now my car runs smooth. Also had a loud screaching noise coming from the engine compartment. Found out it was the a/c compressor. Did some reasearch on this forum, found a by-pass belt to by-pass the compressor and now all noise has been eliminated. It's as though I'm in a different car. Struts also went out 2 years ago and I replaced with passive struts from Strut Masters. They lasted about 1 year and now its time to replace gain. Going to try Boston Supresion Luxury struts next month.

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I just had the front left hub replaced a week ago today. Took a 34MM axle nut socket, impact wrench, and a BIG hammer...lol. Yes, it was a sealed unit with a sensor and wire attached.

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